Ex-Time Traveler

Did I ever tell you about how I got stuck in the early 21st century?

I used to work for a time travel company, and I kept pulling pranks like:

  • I’d’ come back from a trip, and ask to speak to people who didn’t exist,
  • Or I’d ask to speak to the aliens who gave us the time machine tech,
  • Or I would demand to speak to myself, and insist I was from an alternate timeline. (I managed to keep that joke going for a good ninety minutes.)
  • And then there was the time I convinced one of my coworkers I was actually his grandfather.

Alas, no one thought I was funny, and after I pissed off one too many managers, they decided to punish me by exiling me to the early 21st.

That was so mean; no matter what I did, I didn’t deserve that.