Ex-Time Traveler

Did I ever tell you about how I got stuck in the early 21st century?

I used to work for a time travel company, and I kept pulling pranks like:

  • I’d’ come back from a trip, and ask to speak to people who didn’t exist,
  • Or I’d ask to speak to the aliens who gave us the time machine tech,
  • Or I would demand to speak to myself, and insist I was from an alternate timeline. (I managed to keep that joke going for a good ninety minutes.)
  • And then there was the time I convinced one of my coworkers I was actually his grandfather.

Alas, no one thought I was funny, and after I pissed off one too many managers, they decided to punish me by exiling me to the early 21st.

That was so mean; no matter what I did, I didn’t deserve that.

Batman Villain Name Game

The following chart inspired me to invent a new variation of the porn star name game.

You Batman villain name is the color of one article of clothing plus yous profession, pet, or last meal. (The original draft only included sock color and profession, but that was too limiting.)

P.S. you get bonus points if you invent a name already on this chart.

click to enlarge